winter weekend

JANUARY 25-27, 2019
Winter weekend mama getaway
Neahtawanta Inn, Old Mission Peninsula

by putting $75 down now (about 50% of the total weekend cost), and that will claim your spot!

Because we never get a chance to be with each other without being interrupted every minute.
Because we need to just BE – not catching up – not being productive – not solving everyone’s problems.
Because Adults need sleepovers too! Un-abbreviated time together!

Connecting, fireplace, X-C skiing, eating, snow bonfire?, Yoga, writing, music- whatever. We can make it be whatever we want. No agenda- but anyone is welcome to offer to “lead” something if you feel called. (So bring clothes and gear deoending on what you want to do as mentioned above)

Neahtawanta Inn, Old Mission Peninsula
1308 Neahtawanta Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686
Here are some of the rooms to get a sense

Bring a potluck dish to share for Friday night dinner (and hopefully the leftovers will last for Saturday night’s dinner too! We have access to the kitchen and fridge.
Breakfast is included- so will be served for us by Sally’s crew!
Lunch- bring your own lunch stuff or grab a sandwich at

Blankets etc are provided.
I will need to know
– who is up for sharing a queen bed?
– who needs their own bed?
– Who needs their own room?