TCE 012: Allison Moore Beers, the events conscious entrepreneur

ali2The Conscious Entrepreneur Podcast: COME ALIVE. BE THE CHANGE.
By Chelsea Bay Dennis: Coach, Strategist, Speaker, Designer, Conscious Entrepreneur
TCE 012: Allison Moore Beers, the events conscious entrepreneur

The Conscious Entrepreneur is coaching and strategy for those looking to create or find meaningful work aligned with your values, strengths and what makes you come alive.   Make your ideas happen, be successful, make a difference, from the inside out.

The Conscious Entrepreneur Podcast is all about personal, inside stories from Conscious Entrepreneurs… what did they want to be as a kid? What path did they take to get where they are now, and what challenges did they face along the way?  Why they do what they do, and how does it fit with their passions, values and skills, and how does it make them come alive?

Allison Beers started Events North in 2008 after working for two of the largest event planning agencies in the world. Events North is a full service event management agency specializing in corporate, social and nonprofit events. They strive for zero-waste events and try to incorporate as much local food as possible. Beers is currently on the board of directors for the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Charities, The Downtown Traverse City Association (DTCA) The Boom Boom Club and The National Cherry Festival Foundation.  Beers served as the President of the Board of Directors of the National Cherry Festival Foundation for three years.

“I didn’t realize as a kid that I could be paid to be social and organized.  I went to college as a vocal music major, but found that I could plan events for a living.  I had been planning them my whole life, but never connected it to an industry.  Since then, I don’t feel like I’ve worked a day in my life.  I love what I do.  I love going to work everyday.  I love sharing how much I love what I do with my kids to inspire them to do what they love doing.  I feel blessed to do what I do in this state and more importantly, Traverse City.  I try to give as much time as I can giving back to Traverse City.”

This talk was from May 2015 Fulfillament. in Traverse City, MI
Fulfillament is a storytelling event where five local business community members take the stage and tell how they found fulfillment in their journey- thier inside story. Each storyteller issues a challenge for the audience to do something to find fulfillment in their own lives.  This event awards a $500 grant to an audience member with a good idea that needs some help to get it moving.
Here is Allison’s story…..

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