TCE 008: Emily Fine, The Urban Hip-hop Conscious Entrepreneur

10980717_10152542329205793_5341695121740206320_nThe Conscious Entrepreneur Podcast: COME ALIVE. BE THE CHANGE.
By Chelsea Bay, ACC: Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Designer, Conscious Entrepreneur.
TCE 008: Emily Fine, The Urban Hip-hop Conscious Entrepreneur

The Conscious Entrepreneur is coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs with a passion for good-for-the-world ideas aligned with your values, strengths and what makes you come alive.   Make your ideas happen, be successful, make a difference, from the inside out.

The Conscious Entrepreneur Podcast is all about personal, inside stories from Conscious Entrepreneurs… what did they want to be as a kid? What path did they take to get where they are now, and what challenges did they face along the way?  Why they do what they do, and how does it fit with their passions, values and skills, and how does it make them come alive?

Emily Fine believes that dance can change you: body, mind, spirit and soul. She is the founder of Traverse City’s premier urban dance warehouse and fitness studio, Soul Step. They offer classes for all ages in Breakdancing, House, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Yoga, Burlesque, Cardio Dance and more.  Emily has been dancing since she was 6, and had dedicated her professional career to bringing movement to others lives. She was never a “top-knot” dancer- didnt really fit in to the ballet girls- but has found her foundation in dancing outside the box with hip-hop, tatoos and funky fashion. I personally have been going to her classes weekly over the last 6 years or so and I love it!

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