TCE 006: Sami Grover, The Words Conscious Entrepreneur

DSC_3814Sami Grover is a professional communicator with a background in writing, languages, publishing and, above all, social and environmental activism. Currently working through The Change with an array of good-for-the-world companies whose growth makes the world more sustainable, fair and authentic.  Sami is also a daily contributor to TreeHugger, the largest, most frequented green lifestyle site on the internet, and editor of the Bilingual Family Newsletter, which is exactly what the title suggests, and a contributor to Mother Nature Network and Parentables.

Fluent in English, Finnish, Danish and German.

He once vowed never to fly again, then he fell in love with someone on the other side of the Atlantic and now lives in Durham, NC. He once considered never having children, he now has two kids. He believes that adaptability is a prerequisite for sustainability.

Sami and I worked together at The Change for over 6 years. I never grew tired of his fun English accent:)



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