TCE 009: Sam Porter, The Events Conscious Entrepreneur

samThe Conscious Entrepreneur Podcast: COME ALIVE. BE THE CHANGE.
By Chelsea Bay Dennis, ACC: Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Designer, Conscious Entrepreneur.
TCE 009: Sam Porter, The Events Conscious Entrepreneur

The Conscious Entrepreneur is coaching and strategy for those looking to create or find meaningful work aligned with your values, strengths and what makes you come alive.   Make your ideas happen, be successful, make a difference, from the inside out.

The Conscious Entrepreneur Podcast is all about personal, inside stories from Conscious Entrepreneurs… what did they want to be as a kid? What path did they take to get where they are now, and what challenges did they face along the way?  Why they do what they do, and how does it fit with their passions, values and skills, and how does it make them come alive?

Sam Porter is an entrepreneur with a love for community, the arts, social engagement, youth empowerment and environmental stewardship. Full of energy, Sam has dedicated himself to over 15 years of leadership and expertise in festival and event production, venue and staff management, artist and agency relationship development, and marketing and business management.

Sam and his wife Abby are the founders of Porterhouse Productions: a family-built, independent and community-focused production company that celebrates the music, arts, ideas and community of northern Michigan.

Born and raised in Traverse City, Sam moved to Bozeman, Montana, where he attended Montana State University and spent 12 years building one of Montana’s largest independent entertainment and events production companies, Porterhouse Productions, which produced many annual festivals and events, some of which continue today. He also founded Obvious Advertising, a leading indoor advertising medium. Together, Sam and Abby founded the non-profit BORN (Bioregional OutReach Network) which produced the annual Northern Rockies Bioneers Conference, a hub of practical solutions for restoring the Earth and people. Sam traveled to India, Cuba and Latin America where he studied folkloric music through percussion as well as ecology and social work. He’s a graduate of Rockwood Leadership Institute and he acted as President of the Bozeman Youth Initiative.

In 2008 Sam and his family moved back to Traverse City. Since their return, Sam, his wife, and the Porterhouse Productions team have produced numerous festivals and events in the region, selling over 40,000 tickets to such events as the annual summer and winter Traverse City Microbrew & Music Festival; Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula’s Paella in the Park which features local chefs, wineries, and, in 2010, music by GRAMMY Award winner Blues Traveler; National Writers Series’An Evening with Mario Batali, a seated dinner for 2,000 attendees; a multitude of concerts at the City Opera House and other venues; Charlevoix’s Up North Fourth summer event; and much more. They have created and produced a variety of concerts, arts festivals, youth and cultural events, non-profit fundraisers, film festivals, major corporate events, university and public school events, and other signature events, and support the network of creative arts and local business in the northern Michigan region.

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