January 2016 Fulfillament GRANT WINNERS: Sarah Hunt and Jala Wharton

Fulfillament is a storytelling event where five local business community members take the stage and tell how they found fulfillment in their journey- their inside story.  Each storyteller issues a challenge for the audience to do something to find fulfillment in their own lives. This event awards a $500 grant to an audience member with a good idea that needs some help to get it moving. 

1-16 GRANT WINNERS: Sarah Hunt and Jala Wharton

– THE BIG IDEA: MI Fit Fam, an organization created to help families connect within their community who want to achieve overall fitness and health by living an active lifestyle and doing better for our environment. The objective will be to advocate self improvement and physical health for community members through “swag-free” fitness activities, competitions, and events geared toward family participation, regardless of age. Each event will bring a fitness, health, and environmental awareness aspect on how to better oneself and nature.

–   HOW IS IT PERSONALLY FULFILLING?  There is nothing more fulfilling for a parent than to provide the best you can for your child. Jala and I, immediately connected on the fact that as parents we wanted our children to experience our passion we both share for being out-of-doors,in nature, and especially on the water. Our passion for standup paddle boarding is a true calling for us both, and is one of the most important thing we want to share with our children, not just our own, but also those of our friends, neighbors and others within our community. Through MI Fit Fam, we will share this way of life, inspire living a healthy lifestyle through outdoor recreation and strengthen our community.

– HOW DOES IT MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY?Events will be geared towards improving fitness and “green living” by working with local companies and groups to educate members on how our daily life styles impacts our environment. Creating a healthy life style and doing better for one’s environment can only improve one’s life. Giving constant support to do so is the best positive vibes we can provide as humans to thrive.

– WHAT WILL BE “PHASE ONE” OR YOUR FIRST EVENT (AND DETAILS) Phase one will be to connect with community members and work towards building our group through social media outlets. Our first event will be structure towards introducing the community members of MI Fit Fam to a day appreciating our biggest amenity here in Michigan, the water. There we plan to have a day at the beach with members, showing families how they can creatively achieve fitness outdoors by having a fun “field day” full of fitness activities in and out of the water.

– WHAT IS YOUR VISION FOR “PHASE 2” AS YOU MOVE IT AHEAD? Throughout Michigan communities, we will work towards finding leading team members who will advocate on behalf of the MI Fit Fam organization and connect with others. Those members will help create MI Fit Fam events in the various areas that will bring a fitness aspect, along with a health and “green living” educational feature raise awareness on what we can do better for ourselves as individuals and our environment.

– HOW WILL YOU USE THE $500? Start up cost for organization. Acquire banners and signs items needed to event purpose.

– WHEN DO YOU THINK THIS THING WILL LAUNCH- ASAP, we have created all the social media outlets to start connecting with the members of our Michigan Communities. We have offers of support from local community members and business owners to provide certain things needed like an official logo design. We will be seeking a website option through other outlets. From that point we will work towards connecting with others in our community, gaining members and setting our dates for future events within each community.

– HOW CAN WE (THE AUDIENCE) GET INVOLVED OR SUPPORT? Join the group, help spread the word and get other families involved!

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1069557796422384/

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