TCE 023: Holly Wren Spaulding, The Poetry Conscious Entrepreneur

hollyThe Conscious Entrepreneur Podcast: COME ALIVE. BE THE CHANGE.
By Chelsea Bay Dennis: Coach, Strategist, Speaker, Designer, Conscious Entrepreneur
TCE 023: Holly Wren Spaulding, The Poetry Conscious Entrepreneur

The Conscious Entrepreneur is coaching and strategy for those looking to create or find meaningful work aligned with your values, strengths and what makes you come alive.  Make your ideas happen, be successful, make a difference, from the inside out.

This Podcast is all about personal, inside stories from Conscious Entrepreneurs… Why they do what they do, how did they get there, and how does it make them come alive?

Holly Wren Spaulding is a passionate collaborator, teacher, editor and creative consultant who lives in Williamsburg, Massachusetts where she founded Poetry Forge, an incubator for writers and their work, mentors clients through LIFE/form, and co-directs STORYhouse Partners, a communications consultancy. Because Leelanau County remains her home, she returns often to teach at Interlochen College of Creative Arts and elsewhere in the region. She has been awarded residencies at The Millay Colony for the Arts, The Mesa Refuge, Blue Mountain Center, The Hill House and The Jean Noble Parsons Center for the Study of Art & Science, and her writing has appeared in The NationMichigan Quarterly ReviewWitnessThe Ecologist, New Internationalist and in the book We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-Capitalism (Verso, 2003). Her most recent collection of poems is Pilgrim (Alice Greene & Co., 2014)

“To live well and feel whole, most of us need to solve the riddle of how to engage our particular genius in service of something meaningful—even beautiful. Whatever hat I may be wearing, and regardless of the project, I help others unfetter their imagination and give form to their ideas by providing alternative pathways, sane strategies and solidarity in the creative process.”

Fulfillament is a storytelling event featuring local community leaders and entrepreneurs who share their journey towards fulfillment and meaning through vocation- their inside story. Each storyteller issues a challenge for the audience to do something to find fulfillment in their own lives.  This event awards a $500 grant to an audience member with a good idea that needs some help to get it moving.

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