FULFILLAMENT, TC#3 September 30th



Fulfillament is a storytelling event that will take place at the InsideOut Gallery in Traverse City at 7:00PM on September 30th, 2015.
Five local community leaders and entrepreneurs will take the stage to tell their journey of how they found fulfillment through vocation- the inside story. Each storyteller will issue a challenge for the audience to do something to find fulfillment in their own lives. A $500 grant is awarded to an audience member with a good idea that needs some help to get it moving.

TICKETS: $9 online or $10 at the door
Doors at 6:30, 7PM event starts

Fulfillament is created and hosted by Chelsea Bay Dennis of The Conscious Entrepreneur C.Bay Design and Shea Petaja. More information on Fulfillament can be found at: http://theconsciousentrepreneur.co/fulfillament/


Margaret Alexandar- Grand Traverse Pie
Ty Schmidt – Norte Youth Cycling, Carter’s Compost
Holly Spaulding – STORYhouse, LIFE/form
Jonathan Pool, Leadership Strategist
Special musical guest : May Erlewine Bernard


A Canadian import, Ty grew up in small town Manitoba. After receiving his Masters degree in Physical Therapy from The University of North Dakota and an 7 year stint in Tucson, Ty moved to Traverse City in 2006. He is married to the lovely Johanna, a Leelanau County girl, and is currently a part time physical therapist (he job shares with Johanna) at Munson. Ty started Carter’s Compost, a bike-powered community composting business, with his two boys, Carter and Jameson, in 2012 and then co-founded Norte!, a bike-centric, youth-focused nonprofit, with Johanna in 2013.

“With a supportive wife to job share with and prioritizing work/life/family balance, I’ve been able to enjoy a successful and meaningful career as a physical therapist while also having the luxury of time to focus on my passions: Traverse City, compost and bicycles.”


Margaret was born and raised in the Detroit area and is married and has three beautiful (adult) children.   She earned her bachelor’s degree in Food Systems Economic and Management at Michigan State University and enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, playing Frisbee and practicing yoga.   Margaret is a proud member of the Grand Traverse Pie family and is honored to be challenged by out of the box thinkers who believe in the positive affects we can have on each other as human beings on this earth.

“My mission in life is to define my mission at this point in my life.  My goal is to break through the norms I have lived under and to develop a compassionate heart while dealing with the vagaries of life.  I want to feel sustained from the inside as I give the world the best I have. ” 


Holly Wren Spaulding is a passionate collaborator, teacher, editor and creative consultant who lives in Williamsburg, Massachusetts where she founded Poetry Forge, an incubator for writers and their work, mentors clients through LIFE/form, and co-directs STORYhouse Partners, a communications consultancy. Because Leelanau County remains her home, she returns often to teach at Interlochen College of Creative Arts and elsewhere in the region. She has been awarded residencies at The Millay Colony for the Arts, The Mesa Refuge, Blue Mountain Center, The Hill House and The Jean Noble Parsons Center for the Study of Art & Science, and her writing has appeared in The NationMichigan Quarterly ReviewWitnessThe Ecologist, New Internationalist and in the book We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-Capitalism (Verso, 2003). Her most recent collection of poems is Pilgrim (Alice Greene & Co., 2014)

“To live well and feel whole, most of us need to solve the riddle of how to engage our particular genius in service of something meaningful—even beautiful. Whatever hat I may be wearing, and regardless of the project, I help others unfetter their imagination and give form to their ideas by providing alternative pathways, sane strategies and solidarity in the creative process.”


Jonathan is a maverick on a mission to unleash others from the traditional and accepted path of mediocrity. As a creative thinker, strategist and guide he brings clarity to organizations and individuals that leads to breakthrough thinking and true alignment.

For years Jonathan was the engineer of last resort for clients with seemingly unsolvable problems, however he also experienced the slow death that occurs when one is misaligned with their true self.  Today he is a guide to those who understand the importance of strategy before action.  Jonathan is an authority on how to find clarity through perspective, answer the significant questions, and step into a life of purposeful direction. He is one of only a handful of Paterson LifePlan™ facilitators in the world certified at the Master Level.

 He lives in Traverse City, Michigan, seeks adventure at every turn, does things on a mountain bike that seem to defy physics, and holds the honor of being challenged and loved by wife Jennifer every day.

“Know your purpose, own your story, and live whole heartedly – for that is where you will be the change the world needs”


May Erlewine is a Michigan based singer songwriter and a member of the Earthwork Music Collective. She plays guitar, fiddle, viola, piano and a few other instruments, but mostly she sings. Her songs are treasured by people of all faiths and politics. May’s songs are sung (and recorded) by other artists, both great and small. May comes from a family of artists and musicians. Early on she was exposed to music (and people) of all kinds. May was home-educated, came up singing and while still just a teenager hitchhiked all across North America playing in small and large towns, riding freight trains with her little dog, and busking on the streets. In her travels May Erlewine came to know the land and the pulse of the people. Her songs show a very real connection and concern with everyday folk.


Chelsea and Shea are the co-creators of Fulfillament, a live storytelling event featuring local community leaders who share their journey towards fulfillment through vocation that will challenge you to come alive.


“My mission in life is to use what I’m good at and passionate about for good, and to inspire others to do what makes them come alive and make a difference in the world.”  Chelsea is a graphic designer, life coach, consultant, speaker and conscious entrepreneur. Designing for environmentally and socially responsible entrepreneurs over the last 10+ years led her to go deeper with her clients, so getting trained in life coaching was a natural fit. She works with individuals looking to create or find meaningful work that is aligned with their values, strengths, and what makes them come alive – from the inside out. Her coaching empowers others to make ideas happen, be successful and make a difference. Having lived and traveled around the world, Chelsea chose to make Traverse City her home, the very place she started.


As a creative and a life coach, she is a self-proclaimed relational strategist who connects with people for a purpose.  Shea is endlessly curious about people and has dedicated her life’s work to preserving the art of conversation and engagement, which is the foundation of her one-on-one coaching work. A recovering evangelical, she brings spiritual undertones to her writing, thinking and humor.  As a writer, she has contributed to Kinfolk, The Life Artist, Culture Keeper and her own blog.  By day she is an intraprenuer as Director of Marketing & Business Development for a financial firm where she also produces and co-hosts a weekly radio show.  You will find her most alive when she is conversing with YOU! Quote to live by: “Be curious, not judgmental.” -Walt Whitman

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