May 2015: “What Makes You Come Alive? Interview with Chelsea Bay Dennis of Fulfillament”

April 2015: The Grand Traverse Insider “COME ALIVE: ‘Fulfillament’ event to feature stories of inspiration”

January 2015: The Ticker “New Event Focused On Work Fulfillment”

January 2015: Record Eagle “Speaking event to challenge possible entrepreneurs”

January 2015: The Grand Traverse Insider “New storytelling event to feature business leaders”



Thanks for creating Fulfillament. I had so much fun and was truly inspired! The best part was the affirmation that I had taken the right next step with my life.

There’s something so energizing about being in a room of risk-taking forward thinkers:) Thank you for bringing this to TC.

A powerfully inspiring evening. Thank you to all the speakers and to the dynamic duo – Nathan and Chelsea – who organized the event. One of my favorite quotes from the evening was… “Discover what you are about. Buy a van. Go find it.” ~ Pete Farmer (Farmer Footdrums). I think I need to go buy a van and hit the road.

Wonderful event! Thank you for organizing; I’m feeling “uplifted” and energized. Listening to the stories, and affirming that fear isn’t a “thing” has helped validate my goal of doing my thing in 2015. Whoop!

Enjoyed this event! I find it so hard to consciously stop and take the time to evaluate the path that my business is naturally taking. Thanks for organizing this event….it’s a great time of the year to redirect my efforts and interests as I consider tuning my career! Looking forward to more of these types of events and the support and encouragement from fellow entrepreneurs!

A terrific and indeed inspiring event. I found myself retelling some of these stories all day on Friday.

The Fulfillament Event was fantastic! It was very well organized, set up was great, fun musician, stellar speakers and wonderful hosts! 

What a buffet of speakers! Fulfillament scores again! Thank you, — best networking opportunity in Traverse City, hands down! (up?)

This event exceeded my expectations, which were already pretty high:) A huge thank you to Chelsea, Shea, and all the storytellers. Valuable life lessons learned.