Fulfillament January 2015 Grant winner UPDATE….

DENA & BRIAN: Both special needs teachers, and have spent years as impassioned advocates for this population.
We decided on the name ‘HumbleBee’, with the tagline of: “Connecting businesses and special needs for empowering communities.” 

“Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it goes on flying anyway” — Mary Kay Ash

We are working to develop a program to help educate business owners on effectively hiring, training, and retaining adults with special needs. The program goal is to help improve the self-worth of adults with special needs and their ability to be a contributing member of their community while supporting businesses to have a consistent and reliable model for employing adults with special needs.
How has your idea evolved since January?
  • The consulting sessions with both Chelsea and Nathan helped us continue to develop our idea and continue moving in the right direction. The sessions supported us to take steps toward realization of the business through discussion of logo ideas, a brand focus, creating a tagline, considering the business structure, etc.

How did the award give you that extra boost to actually try to make it happen?

  • Through a combination of things. One, it allowed for recognition to us that this was a valuable idea, and two, the positive response from others regarding the idea has boosted our enthusiasm.

What are some obstacles you see standing in your way of moving forward?

  • TIME! A major obstacle is giving this an appropriate amount of time to develop given our current responsibilities in work and as doctoral students.
  • Finding a large scale community based business to agree to work on the pilot with us.

What pieces have come together so far?

  • The community interest and local support as we talk about the idea and the grant has been great. Additionally our vision for the final product remains solid.

What is your vision for this endeavor, and what steps do you need to take to get there?

  • We see this as a legitimate consulting business and we are still working things out for our path forward…..  :)
If your business might be interested in trying out their program or learning more, contact Dena at djaucoin@gmail.com

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