Fulfillament Grant for GOOD IDEA! May 2015

andrea2NAME: Andrea Vander Woude

CHALLENGE CHOSEN: To volunteer more and do what inspires me.

BIG IDEA: Start a whole-grain Gluten Free Food Trailer serving many different communities with the goal to help others feel good with good food. (whole-grain GF sourdough bread, herb spreads and tarts to start). A portion of the profits will go to a non-profit that my midwife started in Haiti to help moms give birth in a safe environment.

PERSONALLY FULFILLING: My passions are:  – Helping people feel good through food – Cooking and creating – Kindness – Herbs and herbal medicine

POSITIVE COMMUNITY IMPACT:  By providing egg/dairy/gluten- free, fresh wholegrain bread to satisfy us allergenic folk. It is difficult to find this food fresh- it is all overly-packaged and processed. Also, a % of the profits will impact the mom’s in Haiti at MamaBaby Haiti. (https://www.facebook.com/mamababyhaiti?fref=ts)

USE OF THE $500? Towards a trailer! To get it up to code, licensed and ready to roll. I already have the recipes, identity in the works, and cook wear ready to go. I am ready- Flow on!!

More about Andrea: “I am a research oceanographer working on the Great Lakes and I have traveled the world studying single celled algae and what controls their production in the ocean and the Great Lakes.  But it is time for a change! I have two boys that are under 5, I love people and when I set out to get a Ph.D. in oceanography I didn’t realize how much time would be spent behind the computer and within the office.  I have an equal balance of right brain and left brain gifts and I am ready to create, ready to talk to people about food and ready to make people feel good through food.  I am a native of the Traverse City area and I have been baking and collecting cookbooks since I was a kid. “

Fulfillament is a storytelling event where five local business community members take the stage and tell how they found fulfillment in their journey- thier inside story.  Each storyteller issues a challenge for the audience to do something to find fulfillment in their own lives. This event awards a $500 grant to an audience member with a good idea that needs some help to get it moving. Learn More

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