ELLEN FRED, The Tree Fighting Conscious Entrepreneur

“I went to law school later in life after I had spent many years following my heart – traveling, volunteering on organic farms, saving ancient redwoods, and founding nonprofit organizations. When I finally decided to go back to school, I knew exactly what I wanted to do – land conservation law – and I sought out a law school that offered classes in that area. I was then hired by my law professor to work with him after school. When you follow your heart – rather than just a paycheck or something to pass the time –things seem to fall in place more easily. I think people who love what they do exude a certain confidence that helps open doors.” – Ellen Fred, Conservation Partners and Elf
January 2015 Fulfillament speaker, Traverse City Michigan

I met Ellen a few years back when she was just starting Elf. I have found that everything she does is surrounded by trees- be it children play places or conservation law and redwoods- trees are at her core. The best part of her talk is where she starts weeping as she remembers how these beautiful ancient trees were going to be cut down, and then one minute later states ” I decided I had to do something about these trees…. so I started chaining myself to things…”

Ellen is an inspiration- it’s worth the 10 minutes!!

Learn more about Fulfillament here: http://chelseabay.net/fulfillament/

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