TCE 027: Denise Busley, The Pie Conscious Entrepreneur

deniseThe Conscious Entrepreneur Podcast: COME ALIVE. BE THE CHANGE.
By Chelsea Bay Dennis: Coach, Strategist, Speaker, Designer, Conscious Entrepreneur
TCE 027: Denise Busley, The Pie Conscious Entrepreneur

The Conscious Entrepreneur is coaching and strategy for those looking to create or find meaningful work aligned with your values, strengths and what makes you come alive.  Make your ideas happen, be successful, make a difference, from the inside out.

This Podcast is all about personal, inside stories from Conscious Entrepreneurs… Why they do what they do, how did they get there, and how does it make them come alive?

Denise Busley is the founder of The Grand Traverse Pie Co., with a mission that goes way beyond pie… “people, passion, purpose.” The first pie co was opened in 1996, and now there are 15 across michigan and indiana. GTpie is not only committed to supporting local farmers and using as many Michigan grown or made products as possible, but they support and donate many profits towards ending child sexual abuse (Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC)), funding upper education for foster youth, and improving the quality of life of children in our local community (Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation). Those who work for GTpie have meaning in their work and are treated with love, respect and opportunity.

Here is Denise’s story…..

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