Come Alive. Be The Change.


Working with Chelsea has been a joy and privilege. I came to the table with my small business venture already well underway, but needed specific direction and consulting. She not only brainstormed and guided in that regard, but she also helped me to perceive some of my talent and capacity from a whole new perspective, thus throwing open the doors and seeing unlimited potential! Chelsea kept our sessions on task and moving in a purposeful direction. She has the friendly grace of a trusted friend as well as a clear professional perspective that makes her services more valuable than any monetary exchange possible!   – Charlotte Davis, Glen Arbor, MI

Great podcast.. Love your story!! – Carter Oosterhouse, Television host & Producer, Carter’s Kids, Bonobo Winery

Chelsea was key when I found myself at a pivotal point in life. After many translations, I thought I had finally landed my dream job, but after only two short months, that dream job crashed in front of my eyes and the organization fell apart. At the same time, another opportunity was sitting right in front of me, but the logistical details made it difficult for me to go for it and to recognize that that option was the best path for me to take. Talking to Chelsea in the midst of all of this helped me to articulate and make clear what my ultimate goals and intentions were and assured me that all of the logistics and moving pieces would fall into place as long as I kept my focus on the end goal. Once I made the decision that felt right for me, everything else became easier. And now I get to live a happy, healthy, stable life in Costa Rica doing what I love most.   – Julia, Madison, WI / Costa Rica

I began working with Chelsea as a graphic artist who designed the logo for Sustainable TC.  It was clear from the start that she was so much more, and I continued to tap her for advice, inspiration, and, well, “coaching.”  That is why I was thrilled when she launched “The Conscious Entrepreneur” and I immediately began coaching with her.  She continues to amaze me with her invaluable advice and clear vision that keeps me true to my purpose and passions. – Maura Brennan, Traverse City, MI

Chelsea has a gift for cutting through life’s never-ending chaos and getting to the heart of what’s important. She not only helped me develop goals I have for the future, but she also — and this is even more valuable! —  helped me formulate the specific steps I need to take to get there. By breaking it down into simple tasks, it made the fuzzy, daunting unknown seem darn right doable.
MB, Traverse City, MI

Chelsea has a way of zeroing in on what ones’ muddling mind is trying to say by asking clarifying questions.  She listens well provides an insight to your feelings and thoughts.  Chelsea  keeps you on task with timelines and taking action to make your ideas happen.  I would highly recommend her to help you with your life’s plans! – Lucy, Boyne City MI

COME ALIVE. BE THE CHANGE. Brand Design, Coaching & Consulting for entrepreneurs and entities with a passion for good-for-the-world endeavors aligned with your values, strengths and what makes you come alive. Make your ideas happen,be successful, change the world, from the inside out. – Chelsea Bay Dennis: Coach, Consultant, Designer, Speaker, Conscious Entrepreneur